🌟 Star Forge ⚑

Cardano Stake Pool Star Forge

Mobile Cardano Stake Pool

Ticker = OTG (Off The Grid)

Cardano Stake Pool Star Forge

Decentralization First

This pool focuses primarily on decentralizing block production away from data centers like AWS & Digital Ocean. We will always advocate for keeping the L1 ledger as small as possible and being able to run cardano-node on low powered ARM architecture.

Disaster Preparedness

Capable of forging blocks while in motion, parked remotely with the high performance Starlink panel or the roof mounted antenna with WWAN networking. The Star Forge was designed to operate in the most decentralized manner possible safely auto connecting through a Wireguard VPN.

Everything has a backup including the operator.

Latest Pool Stats

Information about pools performance/rewards for the last 5 payouts

Cardano's verified random function in scheduling blocks varies in what is referred to as 'luck'. ROA fluctuates epoch to epoch depending on VRF.


Reasons to Delegate ADA

Pool Operator Alliance's

Member of the Armada (founding) and Cardano Single Pool (spokesman) alliances.

Many of the top single pool operators have become close friends. We work together sharing our experiences with one another and connecting relays within Wireguard VPN's strengthening each others pools with known good peering.

World Mobile Earth Node(2)

The Star Forge Earth nodes are set to be accommodated within a robust, distributed Kubernetes cluster, ensuring optimal performance through high availability.

Meanwhile, the mobile forge is anticipated to feature a World Mobile Airnode, strategically deployed at major events such as stadiums. This configuration aims to deliver the most robust signal possible to clients in dynamic and populous settings.

Redundant Power sources

Star Forge can charge it's batteries several ways. Solar, propane, diesel and grid. Both the mobile and original backup location use 900 ah each of LiFeP04 storage.

While in motion the batteries are charged from the vehicle and solar panels. Powering the stake pool indefinably.

Starlink Satellite

Both block producer locations use Starlink for it's connection to the internet. The mobile stake pool has the high performance Starlink panel capable of in motion block production.

Efficient aarch64 hardware

ARM Aarch64 architecture is often considered superior and more efficient in certain contexts due to its emphasis on power efficiency, scalability, and versatility.

One of the key advantages lies in the energy efficiency of ARM processors, making them particularly well-suited for mobile devices, embedded systems, and environments where power consumption is a critical factor.

Building for the community

I provide support and open source documentation for operating cardano-node on efficient ARM based processors. I wrote many and maintain the Armada Alliance documentation

Part of the core development team for Vending Machine & TosiDrop.

Star Forge Cardano stake pool delegates by pass the fee for claiming premium tokens on TosiDrop.

Strategic partnerships

Over the years I have been a part of some great projects. From ISPO's to providing a submit-api endpoint. Notable projects include Liqwid Finance & Dexhunter.

Star Forge supports and runs open source software when at all possible. Preferably software written by single stake pool operators or well known developers who share the same vision for Cardano's continued decentralization of block production.

Disaster Preparedness

Our Cardano stake pool operations are equipped with redundant power and internet. They are fortified, hardened, and thoroughly prepared, with backup hardware readily available for swift deployment into production.