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Off The Grid Solar Powered
Starlink Connected
Cardano Stake Pool
Apple M1 Mini/RPI4 aarch64 DevOps










Highly Efficient Solar Powered Stake Pool

🌟 About

Hello, my name is WCat. I run a totally off the grid stakepool using solar panels, batteries and Starlink. I am a founding member of the Armada Alliance & spend most of my time helping single stake pool operators run on efficient arm based computers.

Learn how to run cardano-node on a Raspberry Pi 4 & interact with the blockchain or build a stake pool.

I have a post that was retweeted by Charles that I am proud of. I have met so many awesome people, most of which are stake pool operators.

🌟 Durability

Running a block producer from home allows for the greatest level of security & a few tricks for failover. Protected by the latest version of OpenWRT and the Turris Omnia the block producer is protected on a seperate vlan with it's own 1 Gbps interface connected directly to Starlinks power brick.

Consistant time synchronization with an average max.error of 11ms or less, backup nodes in sync ready to be swapped incase of a problem. @ just 14 watts using buck converters right off the battery the powerwall is capable of running the pool for over a week before depletion. We intend to have Starlink in the future for a truly off the grid pool with a third relay local. Along with continuing to expand upon solar infrastructure.

🌟 Security & Privacy

The Turris Omnia is an amazing router with Knot Resolver providing DNS over TLS (DoT) & DNSSEC validating ''.


Powerwall Specs

  • 11.6 Kwh LiFePo4 batteries(homemade LiIon batteries have been retired.
  • Victron MPPT 150|35 charge controller
  • Victron Pheonix 12|1200 Pure Sinewave Inverter