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Off The Grid Solar Powered
Starlink Connected
Cardano Stake Pool
Apple M1 Mini/RPI4 aarch64 DevOps










Most Efficient Stake Pool on Cardano

🌟 About

Hello, my name is WCat. I run a totally off the grid stakepool using solar panels, batteries and Starlink. I am a founding member of the Armada Alliance & spend most of my time helping single stake pool operators run on efficient arm based computers.

Learn how to run cardano-node on a Raspberry Pi 4 & interact with the blockchain or build a stake pool. My image & guide can be found here.

I have a post that was retweeted by Charles that I am proud of. I have met so many awesome people, most of which are stake pool operators.

🌟 Durability

Running a block producer from home allows for the greatest level of security & a few tricks for failover. Protected by the latest version of OpenWRT and the Turris Omnia the block producer is isolated on a seperate vlan with it's own 1 Gbps interface connected directly to Starlinks power brick.

The entire stake pool uses less than 100 watts of electricity, including Starlink!

The original battery I hand built from reclaimed laptop batteries has been retired due to Starlinks requirements. The pool now has 11KwH's of LiFePo4 starage and can run for 5 days without any sunlight.

🌟 Security & Privacy

The Turris Omnia is an amazing router with Knot Resolver providing DNS over TLS (DoT) & DNSSEC validating ''.


All communication to the M1 Mini core is through Wireguard UDP VPN's. Essentially the pool looks like a couple encrypted webcam feeds on the wire. Network failover to a broadband ISP with DDNS updating DNS records.

Powerwall Specs

The current list of hardware can be found on the Armada Alliance website under my pools page.

Thank you for checking out my project. Please support my work by delegating your ada to my pool. Stake With Me