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About me

My name is Wayne

aka, WCat

I'm the operator of the Star Forge Pool. I enjoy helping others learn how to run cardano-node on efficient ARM64 devices. You can learn how to run an active relay that uses 4 watts of power below.

I have been operating a node since before Shelley with the goal of building an off the grid pool that would work with Starlink or some other type of next generation sattelite internet.

First Starlink Block

Huge thunderstorm took out power and both internet connections. Hooked up Starlink and my cores wireguard tunnel connected to a vps relay I have. Made a block through Starlinks gnat!

Why Me

3 Reasons

My goal is to help decentralize the Cardano network by being an independent stake pool operator running a single stake pool and help others to do the same.

Operating a single pool

Don't support operators that run multiple pools. They are preventing decentralisation by harming the security and reliability Cardano.

Why is this important?

Supporting others

Encouraging others to run their own stake pool by giving support and providing resources. 50% of our rewards are used to change other peoples lives.

Why is this important?


Consuming just 5 watts per Raspberry Pi from within an energy-neutral home with solar panels.

Why is this important?



Operating from home on energy efficient, bare-metal ARM64 devices.

1x Apple Mac Mini M1 16GB RAM
8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores
Apple NVMe SSD, 160 GB
2x Raspberry Pi 8GB RAM
4-core CPU (overclocked to 2GHz)
Samsung evo NVME 256 GB
Ubuntu 21.04
Turris Omnia/OpenWRT
1 Gbps, 8 ms latency