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Solar powered Cardano Stake Pool
Apple M1 Mini!
Homemade Tesla style powerwall
aarch64 DevOps










Highly Efficient Solar Powered Stake Pool

🌟 About

Linux system administrater with 15 years experience & 30 year technician. The block producer is located near a lonely mountain in New Hampshire and is powered by the sun with storage I built from reclaimed laptop batteries.

I am a DeFi enthusiast with great admiration for Charles and the fundamentals of the Cardano project. I soon realized that running a stake pool on low powered aarch64 based boards was possible.

I had been working on a homemade Tesla style 18650 lithium ion powerwall from reclaimed laptop batteries and could think of no better use for it(still can't) than to power my stake pool. As of this writing it has created 3 blocks and performed flawlessly.

I went about building the pool as I finished soldering the fuses on the powerwall. IOHK(G) delivers outstanding software with the cardano-node & the 'Arming Cardano' and 'Berry Pool' Telegram groups are great communities of people sharing knowledge. Together we can change the world for the better!

🌟 Durability

Running a block producer from home allows for the greatest level of security & a few tricks for failover. Protected by the latest version of OpenWRT and the Turris Omnia the block producer is protected on a seperate vlan with it's own 1 Gbps interface and a mwan3 failover.

Consistant time synchronization with an average max.error of 11ms or less, backup nodes in sync ready to be swapped incase of a problem. @ just 14 watts using buck converters right off the battery the powerwall is capable of running the pool for over a week before depletion. We intend to have Starlink in the future for a truly off the grid pool with a third relay local. Along with continuing to expand upon solar infrastructure.

🌟 Security & Privacy

The Turris Omnia is an amazing router with Knot Resolver providing DNS over TLS (DoT) & DNSSEC validating ''.


Powerwall Specs

  • 3.8 Kwh total
  • 5 amp fast blow fuses on both + & -. 960 fuses total
  • Victron MPPT 150|35 charge controller
  • Victron Pheonix 12|1200 Pure Sinewave Inverter