🌟 Star Forge ⚑

Cardano Stake Pool Star Forge

Mobile Cardano Stake Pool

Ticker = OTG (Off The Grid)

The Star Forge is a fully ARM'ed solar powered Starlink connected Off The Grid Cardano Stake Pool with 2 weeks of LiFePo4 battery storage.

Latest Pool Stats

Information about pools performance/rewards for the last 5 payouts


Cardano Stake Pool Star Forge Star Forge Stake Pool Token Offering

Cardano Stake Pool Star Forge

Token Offering Details

Cardano Iagon Token
Cardano World Mobile Token
Cardano MELD token stake ADA
CLAY Metaverse token Cardano
DING Cardano native token
DISCO Cardano Token claim
Cardano World Mobile Token stake pool
HOSKY token claim Cardano

Every epoch you stake with OTG you will unlock a new tier of tokens. This round is scheduled for 20 epochs ending on epoch 440. You must stake at least 1,000 ADA to the pool to qualify. Rewards are available to claim for 3 epochs from the time they are given. For more information visit the Vending Machines distribution page. Vending Machine distributions

How To Claim

To be eligible to claim all you have to do is stake your ADA to the Star Forge. That's it, then at the beginning of every epoch go to https://claim.silktoad.io/cardano/claim .

Reasons to Delegate ADA

Pool Operator Alliance's

Member of the Armada (founding)and Cardano Single Pool alliances.

World Mobile Earth Node

Currently building the Earth Node on Testnet. Stake your WMT to the Star Forge Earth Node and earn WMT + Bonus WMT staking you Magnetron tokens.

Solar Powered

The Star Forge is designed to be completely Off The Grid, using the sun for power. 2 weeks runtime on 6 fully charged batteries.

Starlink Satellite

The Star Forge Cardano stake pool uses SpaceX Starlink satellite & cable backup.

Efficient ARM64 Devops

CPU architecture which is much more efficient and powerful than traditional x86 based processors.

How To Guides

Armada Alliance documentation to help train stake pool operators and provide support. Always willing to teach somebody Linux.


Star Forge Cardano stake pool delegates by pass the fee for claiming premium tokens. Tosidrop & Vending machine core development team member.

Disaster preparedness

The Cardano stake pool operations have redundant power and internet supply. Fortified hardened and prepared. Backup hardware ready to be put into production.